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News and sport

Among radio stations UK, BBC has the largest network in which they own a various number of radio stations, which can be heard in the country and across the nation. One of its radio stations is the BBC 5 radio live which is the BBC’s national radio station which focuses on featuring new, which is the BBC News, phone ins and sports commentaries. It is the biggest and leader radio station when it comes to covering sport activities within United Kingdom. It is connected to all the major sports events which are held in United Kingdom or even outside the country as long as it involves the British players.

BBC 5 Radio Love was launched last March, 1994 as a repositioning of the original Radio 5. BBC 5 Radio Live can be heard from Media City UK, which is located in Salford. The station is controlled and managed by Adrian Van Klaveren, and he was paid £191,000 according to the official BBC figures according to their report last 2011.