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Heart Radio is a network of 17 adult’s contemporary independent localized radio stations in central & southern England and north Wales. Each station broadcasts localized breakfast and drive time shows and simulcast’s network programming at all other times. Sixteen of the Heart stations are owned and operated by Global Radio with one station owned independently as a franchise, (Heart Hertfordshire).

There are two theories of how the original Heart Radio got its name. One is that it is because of its location being based in the heart of Birmingham. The more commonly held theory is that it is taken from the phrase heart of England which Birmingham and often the wider West Midlands region is sometimes referred to as.

The Heart Radio uses a jingle package, composed by the Seattle-based music production company IQ Beats, who also supply packages for Global Radio’s capital network, LBC and Gold network. The network’s imaging voiceovers are Alex Hall and Martin Bruce while the sponsorship and promotion voiceovers are Dave Kelly and Anna Butterfield.

Heart radio is one of the well-known radio stations in UK.